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    The Chair of Medical Engineering Systems, headed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen, has many years of expertise in the field of medical radiation protection and the optimization of X-ray-based diagnostics, especially computed tomography, as well as the development of innovative modalities using structural imaging and molecular imaging. Among other things, Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen is the founding president of the first European platform for research into medical radiation protection and is currently leading a European research consortium for the second time. In addition, the AG is involved in two other European projects as a partner. Two national research consortia (in the framework of the Competence Network Radiation Research and in the field of AI Lighthouse Projects) are also coordinated by the chair. In this way, the group is significantly involved in the individualization of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as the standardization of European standards for nuclear medicine and X-ray imaging.


    For the current research work, the know-how in the field of medical radiation protection, dosimetry and efficient algorithms for image reconstruction, as well as procedures in medical molecular imaging are essential. In addition to mathematical approaches, the Chair of Medical Systems Engineering also has state-of-the-art imaging systems at its availability, e.g. a proprietary development for three-dimensional X-ray imaging of the female breast or a robot-assisted computer tomograph, which is to be used for interventional imaging in the long-term. This can be used to test acquisition control methods as well as compensation of motion artifacts or metal artifact reduction. A further focus results from the analysis of the acquired image data and information and relates to the modeling of the dynamic processes. In particular, the chair is interested in biokinetic and pharmacokinetic modeling, also supported by third-party funded projects.


    A list of all cooperation partners of the chair can be found here.

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